Welcome to HealthEase

HealthEase Catalysts in Communities CIC is a social enterprise with a mission to create and support sustainable health and happiness for all and eradicate health inequity. We focus on utilising the strengths and assets within people and communities to unleash their power.Happy baby with mum as she exercises

We specialise in using exercise & Motivational Interviewing (based on person centred counselling) with groups to support positive behaviour change. We support community champions to lead the movement for improving wellbeing within their communities. We do this by providing training in nationally recognised qualifications in health & wellbeing for people from any background.

Our model is adaptable and can be tailored to support all and any communities; currently our work focuses on 2 broad groups: people living with neurological conditions (namely Parkinson’s disease and dementia) along with their family members, friends and/or carers; and the perinatal period of life for mums-to-be and new mothers, we also work with fathers and other primary carers in supporting health and wellbeing and nurturing the relationship with their infant.